Clare Swatman Authour Journalist

About Me

I’ve been a writer and journalist for more years than I’m prepared to admit (even to myself), and have written mainly for some of the amazing women’s magazines out there.

I cut my teeth in magazines at Best magazine, who took me on even with very little experience. After that the world was my oyster (well the women’s magazine world at least) and I went on to work at Bella, Woman’s Own, Woman, Real People and Take a Break at various times, but always somehow ending up at Bella, where I spent many happy years working my way up from Features Writer to Assistant Editor.

But then I made the decision to go freelance and, shortly afterwards, I had my eldest son, who’s now nine, and things changed quickly. The magazine industry increasingly turned digital and printed magazines took the hit, and I was left feeling – well, a bit useless, knowing nothing about the world of digital and blogging. I carried on freelancing, but I felt worried. After all, I didn’t have any other skills apart from writing, what else could I do?

I’d always had the urge to write a novel but never truly believed I’d be able to do it. And then one day, when my youngest son was just two, I decided to risk being laughed at, and give it a go.

With very little childcare and regular work with my local magazine and Take a Break to squeeze in, it took me a long time to write what has now become Before You Go. But I did it. And, to my utter amazement, people actually liked it.

And now, my first novel is out in the wild, my second has just been released, and I’m beyond thrilled. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them and, if you haven’t got copies yet, then the link is on the Books page on this very website. Thank you!