Although primarily a magazine journalist for many years, I have also written many, many other things, including reviews, web copy, Facebook posts, marketing campaigns, press releases and advertorials for major brands.

Here are some examples of some of my copywriting. For more information please contact me here.


The Laughing Cow

I wrote and edited a series of monthly Facebook posts for The Laughing Cow, focussing on how to stay fit and healthy and how to eat well. These ran over the course of almost a year.



Web copy for PR Digital Content company Publicasity about superbrands, and looking at marketing trends for the coming year.



A series of advertorials that ran in Bella magazine, focusing on top tips for making food go further, making your money work harder, travel tips, and how to make your wardrobe go further.


Ritz crackers

Advertorials about enjoying the Great British Summer with Ritz crackers, including ideas for picnics.



A series of advertorials in the form of letters from families, to tie in with the London Olympics.



The launch of their new Nintendo 3DS gaming console.



A back-to-school piece about the benefits of contact lenses.



Advertorials focussing on the advantages of Asda Little Angels nappies, asking mums from around the country to put them to the test.



Health-style advertorial about a range of new products for sensitive bladders.