Women’s magazines and beyond

As well as writing books, I have also been a journalist and copywriter for many years.

I started working at women’s magazines in the late 1990s when printed magazines were what everyone read. I worked at Best, Woman’s Own, Woman, Real People and Bella to name a few. Working my way up from freelancer to writer, commissioning editor, features editor and assistant editor, I worked across all sections of the magazines, and have also been Health Editor and Travel Editor, so am confident writing about many different subjects.

I was also the Editor of Living Magazines in Hertfordshire for nine years, but have recently hung up that hat. These days, I mainly specialise in health and fitness writing.

I have been, over the years:

Editor, Living magazines

Features Editor and Assistant Editor, Bella

Travel Editor, Take a Break

Health Editor, Real People


For any further information, please contact me via email