Location, location, location

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When I’m working out a plot for a new book, I always like to make a list of the things I need to find out more about as I go along. With just over two weeks to go until the publication of The Mother’s Secret, I was having a little flick through my notebook the other day – the one where I kept all my notes as I was writing it. Questions to myself to answer later, things I needed to find out more about, timelines – all sorts! And it reminded me of the research trip I took to Cromer and Norwich when I first decided to set my book there.


It was February and freezing, but as I walked along the planks of Cromer pier, and stood at the end with my hair blowing in the wind (and my face frozen off), I knew I’d chosen the right setting for my book. I wanted one of my main characters to be from there, to have grown up there in the 1960s and 1970s, and to have a story to tell about it, for the town to have shaped her. And this felt perfect. I spent time wandering round the town, and driving up the coast to nearby Wells Next The Sea, taking lots and lots of photos to pin to my wall when I got home, so I didn’t lose a sense of the place as I was writing. And here are some of those photos. I hope you like them!