One Month To Go!

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Forgive me a little moment of jumping up and down as I’ve just realised that there’s just one month to go until the release of book number two, The Mother’s Secret – and I’m a little bit excited!


It always feels like a long old wait, the few weeks before a book comes out – and this is only the second time I’ve done it! In fact it’s taken me a while to get used to the pace of traditional book publishing overall as, coming from a weekly women’s magazine background, it feels rather slow. But actually I am getting used to it, and learning to stop being so impatient. Most of the time.


So forgive me for the short post, but it seemed important to mark the occasion. I should probably also admit now that today will undoubtedly mark the beginning of me banging on quite a lot more about my book launch, so I’d like to ask you to forgive me in advance. If I sell lots of copies, I might just shut up – so you know what to do!!


Take care!


Clare x